+ Is there an initiation fee or contract when I get a membership?

  • NO initiation fee
  • NO contract, it is month-to-month
  • NO cancellation fees, we only require a 30-day notice

We want you to be completely satisfied with where you're spending your hard-earned money. We get it!

+ What if I've never worked out before/feel like I'm not in shape?

You're not alone–we know what if feels like to feel scared or intimidated to walk into a new place of fitness. At Ark Fit, we're in it with you! We welcome those who've never worked out before, the in-betweeners, and the "pros".  Every exercise can be modified and scaled so people of all levels can do them and get a great workout! Our fitness boot camp style is structured to help everyone effectively reach their goals.

We want to make sure you're comfortable and exercising with proper form (but we'll still push you!). You can pace yourself–take it slower or use less weight. Your workout is yours, so it doesn't matter what your teammate is doing next to you! You are on your own health and fitness journey and we're here to help encourage and support you.

+ What are your class times?

  • Monday-Friday: 5 AM, 6 AM,  715 AM,  9 AM, 415 PM,  530 PM,  630 PM
  • W: No 5 AM class
  • Tue/Th: No 12 PM class
  • Saturday: 730 AM, 9 AM, 1030 AM

+ What should I bring to class?

  • Water Bottle
  • Sweat Towel
  • Athletic Wear
  • Athletic Shoes
  • CAN-DO Attitude

+ It's my first time, how early should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so  you can register, sign the waiver, and receive a complete introduction. See our Class Schedule at to book your first class before arriving in order to save time.

+ How many people are there in each class?

It varies depending on the class time you attend. You're more than welcome to call us ahead of time to let us know your preference and we'd be happy to suggest a class time. Our Tustin location welcomes up to 32 people in a class.

We cap our classes at 32 maximum to ensure the quality of your workout is NEVER COMPROMISED! We want to make sure you're getting the attention and focus you deserve–we are form and fitness education focused.